It should be me

It should be me accompanying you nak

It should be me taking care of you

It should be me cooking for you

It should be me playing all the day with you and it should be me to be always beside to you

Ibu feel so sorry nak,  to place you in such this situation

Ibu feel so sorry nak, to let this happen

Ibu feel so sorry that you need to pass through this moment

Allah ease everything to us

But at the same time,  ibu feel so guilty

How come ibu do this? Why ibu do this? What for?

Well, it is only 3 weeks to go my son,  my lovely one.

But even after this,  ibu need to leave you again before we can reunite.

Ibu hope that you will give your forgiveness nak.

O Allah,  how hard this way to achieve my dream to study

O Allah,  please give me strength, please give me patience

O Allah,  please protect my son wherever he is.

O Allah,  please help me to finish what I’ve started

Please help us,  please help me

Denpasar, 18 February 2018




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