By the time,
You will know the one who have a real sincerity, and the one who have not
You will see the one who really aiming to help you and the one who say they will but they don’t 
The one who kind of offering help but not really want to help you
The one who speak so nice but really hate you in their heart
The one who keep smiling in front of you but feeling very jealous in their heart

By the time,
You will also found the one who really aiming to help you no matter how difficult their situation
The one who give you something you need although you didn’t say anything
The one who always pray for you without you knew
The one who are always fulfilled by sincerity and kindness to you

Then you knew, these people are really really care of you,
Even without any blood connection between you and them
Even with the fact that you have a different nationality with them

How come?! Yes, how come?
Then you know, these people treat you as their own brothers and sisters
And that they always try to help you is not because they want your money
They also don’t do that with an intention so that in the future they can ask your help!
No, big no, NOT AT ALL!

These people, you will really admired on them
You will also really amazed on them
How come in these days you are still able to meet such people like them?
The people which are always trying to help you because they just want to help
What they want is bless from Allah
They do not need your money,
They just asked your pray, your dhu’a for them and their family

Just it.

Meeting these kind of people is just amazed me.
And really,,,, It make me learn and learn more

To do something because of Allah,
To help someone because only want to please Allah and want to get bless from Allah

Getting “ridho” from Allah


In this other part of the world I learned this beautiful thing

Meet amazing people from everywhere

People that teach me the true sincerity and love, unite and getting united because the love to Allah

People who kindly hand their hand to you even though you just know them for not long time ago!

Subhanallah, walhamdulillah, wa Laa ilaaha Illallah, Allahu Akbar.
Thanks Allah, for letting me to learn lessons in this beautiful way.
Thank you.

Springfield, 16 November 2018




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