Lesson learned from Research Bazaar Brisbane 2019 #ResBazBris

Today, I am going to recap of what I get during the Research Bazaar 2019.

1. For image analysis, especially micro images & data visualisation, we can use Fiji software (access the following link: (link: http://Fiji.sc) Fiji.sc). Don’t forget to cite it when we use it.

2. We can use Fiji, for example, to measure the dimension of micro articles and to edit the visualisation of original images to be more attractive or clearer.

3. I also learn about “Tinker”. Tinker provides a gateway to an ecosystem of data, tools and services for research (e.g., voyant, digivol, alveo, geo data).

4. Web address for Tinker –> (link: https://tinker.edu.au) tinker.edu.au

5. If you want to transform field notes into text file, you can use Digivol and Transkribus.

6. DIGIVOL –> for field notes-behavioural observations. Scan the notes, upload it to digivol, get the results in text file.

7. TRANSKRIBUS –> works like Digivol, use for old unclear notes, bad notes.

8. Transciption for audio recording, e.g. from interviews, you can use ALVEO –> Accurate for transcription.

9. VOLANT –> to analyse texts ((link: https://voyant-tools.org) voyant-tools.org), e.g. number of words, unique word forms, vocab density, average word per sentence, most frequent words.

10. NOTES: All software that I have mentioned are FREE!

11. Things to consider before publishing our work: Think, check, and submit ((link: https://thinkchecksubmit.org/) thinkchecksubmit.org)

12. How to check the rank of journals: (link: https://www.scimagojr.com/) scimagojr.com

13. Scopus journal analyzer: (link: https://www.scopus.com/source/eval.uri) scopus.com/source/eval.uri

14. Directory of Open Access Journal: (link: https://doaj.org/) doaj.org

15. Preprint is unpeer-reviewed version of articles. By using Preprint: more likely to get citation, open chance for future collaboration

16. Some reflections from a past PhD student: 1. Live with rejection 2. Your supervisor is a human being too 3. Collaborate 4. Work on things that you like (= have fun)

Brisbane, 11 July 2019



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