What will you do?

What will you do when you feel worried?

What will you do when you feel mad without clear reasons?

What will you do when you feel uncertain?

Life makes me to go through all of these things recently.

And I found, that keep Allah in my mind eased my day.

Recite Al Quran, take some good rest to think, then make a plan.

Things will get worse when you don’t have a real achievable plan. If you don’t have it, then make one. Make a simple to do list which is achievable within days.

Do more exercise as well. Maybe you need to burn your excess energy. Exercise will help to boost your mood. Keep in mind to do exercise or physical activity that you like and enjoy to do. Don’t push yourself to hard at this time, just enjoy the exercise and feel how good it is. It will cheer up your day.

Eat good food, better is a healthy one, and just enjoy your day!

Do what you have planned without procrastinating anymore and take a rest when you feel you need it.

You can also write it down and share it, just like this.

Things come, things go.

Wanna do something, but also feel can’t do anything at the same time.

Looking others and what they have done. And realising that I am still here, doing things that I don’t feel really useful for others.


This is one thing that I can do. To write down my feeling to you. To share this. Hoping that everything will be better and much better…. for tomorrow.

Gailes, 10.37pm


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